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You have defined an attribute named ¡®Years of Experience¡¯ in your negotiation. You have set up scores for acceptable value ranges, and would like to rate responses based on this score. On getting the responses from the participating suppliers, you observe that for a few suppliers, the score was not calculated. Identify the reason for this issue.
A. The Negotiation type is RFI (Request for Information); therefore, scoring is optional.
B. The attribute ¡®Years of Experience¡¯ was not marked as Required, so the supplier did not provide any value.
C. Sourcing does not support attribute definition.
D. You already have a few suppliers defined in the system; therefore, the scoring did not take place.
Answer: B

While configuring offerings, you had deselected the ¡°Supply Chain Financial Orchestration of Procurement Flows¡± check box and had locked the feature. However, because of changes in the business requirements, you are required to enable the feature.
Identify the prerequisite step to perform this change.
A. Set the implementation status to ¡°In Progress¡± of the Procurement Offering.
B. Deselect the ¡°Enable for Implementation¡± check box of the Procurement Offering.
C. Change the Provisioned to ¡°No¡± of the Procurement Offering.
D. Navigate to the ¡°Select Feature Choices¡± page of the Procurement Offering and unlock the feature.
Answer: B

During a Procurement Contract implementation, a customer would like to set up their own line type for buying services. They intend to use this line type for negotiating terms for future purchase of services and do not have a defined scope of work.
Identify the source that the customer needs to select while creating the line type to meet this requirement.
A. Free form, buy
B. Free form, buy agreement
C. Item, buy agreement
D. Item, buy
Answer: D

Name the Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) KPI that indicates the count of approved requisitions where at least one of the requisition lines is assigned to the new buyer who has logged in and that requisition line is not implemented into an order, bucketed by the number of days elapsed since the requisition was approved.
A. Requisition Lines Cycle Time
B. Requisition Aging Count
C. Requisition Line Aging Count
D. Requisition Lines Volume Count
E. Requisition Lines in Process Count
Answer: E

Your customer is implementing the full suite of Cloud procurement. They would like to know how best they can utilize the Contract Terms library.
Identify three applications from where users can access the Contract Terms library for setting up ¡°contract terms¡± for different documents.
A. Supplier Model
B. Self Service Procurement
C. Sourcing
D. Procurement Contracts
E. Purchasing
Answer: C,D,E

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