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Share some Microsoft Office 365 70-347 exam questions and answers below.
A company is upgrading from Office 2010 to Office 365 ProPlus. The company plans to use the Telemetry Dashboard to identify document compatibility issues. You need to enable telemetry and immediately trigger data collection.Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. Modify the AgentInitWait and AgentRandomDelay registry values on the client computers.
B. Configure a Group Policy Object to turn on telemetry data collection in the User Configuration settings.
C. Configure a Group Policy Object to turn on telemetry data collection in the Computer Configuration settings.
D. Delete the contents of the telemetry shared folder.
E. Run the gpupdate.exe /force command on the file server that hosts the telemetry shared folder.
Answer: A, B

Drag and Drop Question
Your company uses Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint Online. You are the SharePoint Online administrator. You need to set up resource monitoring and quota monitoring for the environment.
What should you do? To answer, drag the appropriate terms to the correct targets. Each term may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.


Your company uses Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Lync Online. You are planning the compliance strategy for electronic correspondence. You need to archive Lync communications for mailboxes that are placed on an in-place hold.
Which two forms of Lync communications should you archive? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. Multiparty instant messages
B. Peer-to-peer file transfers
C. Audio and video for peer-to-peer conferences
D. Whiteboards and polls shared during conferences
E. Desktop sharing sessions
Answer: AD

You are the Office 365 ProPlus administrator for your company. Each user is assigned an E3 license. All client computers are on a local area network. Users do not have administrative privileges on their client computers. You are configuring a network-based installation of the most recent version of Office for all client computers. You need to ensure that the installation process does not display any dialog boxes or require user input.
Which option should you specify in the Configuration.xml file?
A. < Display Level = "Minimal" AcceptEULA="TRUE" />
B. < Display Level="Silent" AcceptEULA="TRUE" />
C. < Display Level="None" AcceptEULA="TRUE¡± />
D. < Display Level = "Full" AcceptEULA="TRUE" />
Answer: C

Drag and Drop Question
Your company, Coho Vineyard, uses Microsoft Exchange Online. Coho Vineyard employees have email addresses on the domain cohovineyard.com. Coho Vineyard recently purchased the domain cohowinery.com. All employees of Coho Vineyard who work in the winery department should have an additional email address combining their current email alias with the domain cohowinery.com. Outgoing email messages must be sent from the existing cohovineyard.com email addresses. You need to add the cohowinery.com email addresses.
Which three Windows PowerShell commands should you run in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate commands from the list of commands to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.


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