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Share some Oracle Database 1Z0-497 exam questions and answers below.
Which targets can be managed by using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control?
A. Hosts and databases
B. Hosts, databases, and application servers
C. Application servers and web applications
D. Databases, Oracle Management Server (OMS), and Oracle Management Repository (OMR)
E. Databases, application servers, and web applications
F. Hosts, databases, application servers, web applications, OMS, and OMR
Answer: F

Which two statements are true about shared server sessions?
A. No Program Global Area (PGA) is allocated for shared server processes.
B. User Global Area is stored in System Global Area (SGA).
C. Shared SQL Area is allocated from Program Global Area (PGA).
D. Private SQL Area is allocated from Library Cache.
E. Large Pool is used for SQL work areas.
Answer: AE

Which statement about CDB architecture is true?
A. Oracle-supplied metadata resides only in the root container.
B. A seed PDB can sometimes be opened for particular operations.
C. Multiple PDBs with the same name can reside in the same CDB.
D. A CDB can have an infinite number of PDBs.
E. You can create common users in PDBs.
Answer: A

As part of your Oracle Database 12c post-installation tasks, you run these commands:
srvctl stop database -d myDb
chopt enable dm
srvctl start database -d myDb
What does this do?
A. It enables the Oracle Data Mining option in your Oracle binary files.
B. It creates the Fast Recovery Area disk group.
C. It generates Client Static Library.
D. It configures one of the Oracle user accounts.
E. It configures Oracle Net Services.
F. It configures Oracle Messaging Gateway.
Answer: A

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